As a child I was inspired heavenward by Nature’s own stained glass of sunlit leaves stirred by breezes with illumined branches reaching up into a bright blue sky and scattered clouds. These moments were times of comfort — sacred and mystical in an otherwise chaotic world.

As a calligraphic artist my intention is to recreate that observable holiness in the everyday through letters, color and gold.

In my commissioned work I place my love of this art-form at the disposal of my clients, bringing their vision to life with pen and brush.  I become, for a time, a part of their life journeys – as they celebrate, commemorate and honor relationships and connections.

In my creative calligraphy pieces, gold represents the Divine; the color and text represents the Human. They unite on the page both aspiration and inspiration.  The texts I choose to inscribe reflect the intermingling of Divine and Human – and reassurance that at journey’s end, Home awaits.