November 22, 2021

I really have to learn how to use WordPress.

I am seeking here to express the continuation of the 180 but redefining the parameters of the challenge.

Change reads easy but does hard.

Coffee break and then enlightenment.



The 180 was and is still a very good goal. But I didn’t reach it. And I still want to. Ah, die trying. Only I want to die having done it. Think. Thinking – thinking – thinking

The 180 was / is, in a nutshell to achieve

self support through art making.

With that aim in mind the supports to reach that objective included mainly rising early to incorporate three hours a day art making before the day begins.

What I got wrong: Making it no fun.

I thought getting up early was the project and I struggled with it. I think I made IT the challenge. Finally at the end I told myself I could get up early and not do any artwork but do anything I wanted. That made it easier.

Since the challenge ended I have gotten up at 3:30, 4, 4, and this morning, 4:30 – almost effortlessly. That is how my No TV challenge began. Almost effortlessly.

I have reduced bedtime to crocheting while listening to an audiobook. No lofty evening aspirations of playing (learning) to play piano, studying a language, doing a project. Just bedtime, audiobook, and crochet. It’s good.

So, what’s the Thing? Here’s the Thing. The Thing is . . . I read about self-sabotage (not the first time) recently. But you know, I think that is grabbing the tiger by the tail.

I am not interested in petting a tiger or having a tiger in the first place.

Maybe, just like getting up early to “do whatever I want” took the heaviness out of early to rise, now is the time to take the heaviness out of “studio time” and incorporate some easy going artPLAY time. And save the artWORK for after my day job.

Definitely COOL.

Definitely that deserves the 7 Day Challenge of ARTPLAY. Oh boy, that is going to be hard. 7 Days of ArtPlay sounds hard. And I am serious. Having fun is hard for me.

But since procrastination is a big problem for me, worth a try. And, based just on recent experience, I bet it works!!!!

Anyway, now is the time to define this and I feel somewhat hesitant. Is this just another way to procrastinate? Dive in Anne.

Today is DAY ONE.
Oh no, I am NOT ready for Day One! Ha ha. Then that means I wasn’t ready for the 181 either.

Tomorrow begins Day One.

Today I will show up for two hours and begin as a warm up.

The measurements of success are: 3 hours artPlay a day before the day begins. That is a high bar. Let’s set it lower. 2 hours. Including clean up. And then after work, artWork for an hour or two.

Okay – that seems as good as it gets.

Fingers crossed.