July 30, 2021

Day 69, 111 to go! & Day 145, 220 to go!

There ya go!  A cheerier to way mark the 180 and 365. 

This morning I am heading up to Marysville for a long weekend.  I will be staying at my daughter’s and visiting my ex daily who is in memory care up there.  He is dying and my hope is that having a lot of my company is a nice respite for him and not unwelcome.  Peter seems pleased to see me.  I think for both of us time has healed much and revealed to us a balanced view of our own contributions to our marriage and its fall.  For me it has – and I think, I believe, God through His Grace has eased Peter’s heart too. 

We did have a great time watching Tyrone Power’s Zorro a couple of weeks ago.  Last week I put on The Letters for him, a movie about Mother Teresa.  I am never sure. 

He did laugh when I said to our daughter, who was also visiting that day, that “I have the attention span of a gnat.”  So he seems at times to understand a lot.  There is a bit more clarity lately. 

I hope when I get up there today to find the same clarity.  His mind had failed him already, but it seems at the end now, a revival.  It is nice to be with him when he has clarity.  That is hard to see but good that I have the flexibility to visit him. 

I bring all this up because not only is it an emotionally heavy-laden time in my life, but also requires packing up my calligraphy work and doing that up at my daughter’s house, closeted in my bedroom (she has a lively house of six children!) or finding a quiet, cool place to work elsewhere in town. 

Keeping the 180 as I can. 

And ~ I can, I will, and I do.  Maureen O’Hara – The Quiet Man

That’s the 180.  Last night I had my granddaughter over for a movie night – and I showed her two trailers of movies from my childhood – Herbie The Love Bug and That Darn Cat.  She chose Inside Out – great movie that by the way – .  But boy, did seeing the trailers for the two movies from my childhood make me want to break the 365 so much!!!! 

I think it is because in times of stress I have, in the past, watched a lot of TV and Movies. My underdeveloped coping skills.

Note to self – no old movie trailers.