The 180 and The 365

I decided to write a daily post regarding two challenges I have made for myself and then remove the previous day’s post when I post the present day’s. That little action has made this, somehow for me, more fun. I intend to re-post then all at journey’s end. We shall see.

The 365 Challenge is straightforward and easy enough to measure. It is no TV / Movies for a year and I began it, surprisingly almost effortlessly, on March 9, 2021 . The 180 Challenge came to be after I had been 77 days into the 365 Challenge.

The 180 Challenge is based on Ruth Chang’s Ted Talk on Hard Choices which is definitely worth watching, once, twice, or thrice . . . I thought rather than choose, why not choose for six months to live this way or that.  I resurrected an old, but still very current, heart’s desire and committed myself to six months of living in the way I would if it had already been achieved.  It is as complicated to incorporate as the 365 Challenge is straightforward and simple. 


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